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  Large coverage area.
  Different pattern with lights ,remotro control ,wooden bases.
  Saving energy 0.3kw-1.5kw power ,with variable speed.
  Waterproof ,low noise,hight quality brushless motor.
  Color -sliver grey ,yellow ,blue ,red are acceptable.
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Airpole Hvls Fan

Airpole pedestal fan is an ultra-efficient energy-saving fan, able to generate a massive 14200 ㎡/min of airflow at a mere 50-140RPM.
It is perfect for use in commercial spaces outer bar ,shopping mall ,rest area ,restaurants! Its unique design is the result of precise engineering, providing a gentle breeze while still efficiently cooling the area. People who use it can feel a decrease of 5-8 degrees in temperature. Furthermore, it is aesthetically pleasing, durable, and requires no maintenance - a dual-function solution that provides both ventilation and cooling.


Hot Airpole Hvls Fans

13ft 3800mm Commercial Airpole Pedestal Fan for Coffee Shop
1.Safety:make sure 100% safe.
2.Reliability: 3 year warranty.
3.Features: 3.8m hvls fan ,rotating speed 82rpm ,air volume 4200m³/min; 4.Applied range :Out bar ,Coffee shop ,rest area tc.
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300W IP55 Waterproof AirPole 9ft Fan for Open-air Restaurants
· Different fan diameter: 2.1m- 7.3m
· Maxium Air flow: > 14800m³/min
· AC motor
· Color can be customized
· With remote control and lights
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Gearless Standing Type 4500mm 0.75KW Airpole Standing Fan with Remote Control
1. Large air volume.
2. 100%waterproof ,widely used in outer space.
3. With remote control,easy to operate.
4. Airpole fans are widely used in big space,such as exhibition hall,rest area ,coffee shop and etc.
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Waterproof Black 18ft 5500m Airpole Hvls Fan
1. Duel King Fans focusing on HVLS fans for 16 years, creating a green, low-carbon, natural and comfortable space environment for customer;
2. Focus on the perfect solution for ventilation and cooling in high and large spaces;
3. Professional sales service and after-service team, 24h online service;
4. Best HVLS fans quality, maintenance-free 3 years warranty.
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13ft (3.8m) Airpole Fan
3.8m large diameter hvls fan with the effective coverage of 500SQM.
It consumes only 0.4KW electricity per hour.
It can be widely used in large space, such as shopping mall , supermarket, gymnasium, school hall, large restaurant,bus station etc
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What's the advantage of airpole hvls fan ?

Improved air circulation

Airpole HVLS fans circulate air more efficiently than traditional fans, providing improved air circulation in large indoor spaces.

Increased productivity

By providing a comfortable and cool environment, Airpole HVLS fans can help increase productivity in the workplace.

Reduced energy costs

The fans are designed to operate at the lowest possible energy use levels, resulting in lower energy costs for businesses.

Reduced noise levels

Airpole HVLS fans operate at a low decibel level, which means they won’t disrupt conversations or activities in the workplace.

Increased comfort levels

Airpole HVLS fans help to increase comfort levels for occupants by providing a cooling breeze throughout large indoor spaces.

Improved air quality

Airpole HVLS fans are designed to reduce the amount of dust, pollen and other particles in the air, resulting in improved air quality.
Main Components Tech

Technical Parameters

Model DADF-73 DADF-67 DADF-61 DADF-55 DADF-49 DADF-45 DADF-36 DADF-30 DADF-25
Diameter(m/ft) 73( 24 ) 67( 22 ) 61( 20 ) 55( 18 ) 49( 16 ) 45( 15 ) 36( 12 ) 30( 10 ) 25( 8 )
Blades Quantity(pcs) 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6
Power(kw) 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.1 1.1 0.9 0.4 0.4 0.4
Rotating(rpm) 50 52 60 60 70 58 80 88 95
Weight(kg) 102 98 94 90 83 90 78 68 60
Air Volume(m3/min) 14800 13800 13000 11200 10400 8800 3900 3600 3000
Voltage(V) 220-240/380-440      


Airpole Hvls fans are often used in outdoor restaurants, factories, workshops, and other places.
Support Your Business with Better Industrial Fans Solution
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