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Pmsm Brushless 
Ceiling Fan
  Low noise maintenance free.
  Size for 7ft to 26ft as you choose.
  Super strong wind making comfortable 
     environment for you.
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Permanent Magnet Motor Overview

The permanent magnet synchronous motorcan integrally mount the motor on the crankshaft to form an integral direct drive system, that is, onecrankshaft is a drive unit, eliminating one gearbox. The permanent magnet brushless motor has excellent speed regulation performance similar to that of the DC motor, and overcomes the shortcomings caused by the commutating spark caused by the mechanical commutating device of the DC motor, and has low reliability, high operating efficiency, small size and light weight.

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Features

Commercial permanent magnet ceiling fan motor adopts outer rotor structure, direct drive linkage and drive impeller rotation principle. 
Permanent magnet motor is built-in high insulation enamel coil, super magnetic steel body, high temperature resistance bearing, upper and lower end caps.

High Power Efficiency

PMSM has high power efficiency and power factor.

Low Noise

PMSM has low heat generation, so the motor cooling system has a simple structure, small volume and low noise.

Fully Enclosed Structure

No transmission gear wear and transmission gear noise, no lubrication.

High Reliability

PMSM allows large overload current, so the reliability is significantly improved.

Hot Pmsm Brushless Ceiling Fans

Big Hvls Fan 26ft 8.0m 1.5kw Large Industrial Pmsm Hvls Fan
1.Safety:make sure 100% safe.
2.Reliability: 3 year warranty
3.Features: 8.0m hvls fan ,rotating speed 48rpm ,air volume 15800m³/min,cover area 1600㎡ 4.Applied range :Workshops,warehouse,shopping mall,gym etc.
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Hvls Fans 5.5meter Large Industrial Ceilling Fan Big Ass Fan
1. Duel King Fans focusing on HVLS fans for 16 years, creating a green, low-carbon, natural and comfortable space environment for customer;
2. Focus on the perfect solution for ventilation and cooling in high and large spaces;
3.Professional sales service and after-service team, 24h online service;
4. Best HVLS fans quality, maintenance-free 3 years warranty.
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Commercial 0.4 KW Warehouse 14ft 4.2m Ceiling Industrial Fan Pmsm Motor for Hvls Fan
1.More stronger:310N.m torque,more stronger,more stabler torque,air volume increases 30%.
2.More efficient:Unique outer rotor high torque design,higher accuracy.
3.More energy saving:30% energy saving
4.Free maintenance for life :Totally sealed,no need to replace lubricating oil,seals and other
accessories,more cost-effective.
5.Lower noise:38db lower noise,more comfortable.
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Quality Assurance Large Ceiling Fan 1.5kw 7300mm HVLS FAN Industrial Big Fan
· Different fan diameter: 1.5m, 2.1m, 2.5m, 3m, 3.3m, 3.6m.3.8m.4.2m, 4.9m, 5.5m, 6.1m,6.7m, 7.3m.8.0m
· Maxium Air flow: > 14800m³/min
· AC motor
· Color can be customized
· Motor voltage/frequency/phase can be customized
· Application: For comerical or industrial, such as lobby, restaurant, coffee shop, library, hall, factory workwhop etc..
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3M 10FT HVLS Big Commercial Ceiling Fan with Energy Saving Solutions
1. Large air volume, long distance air feel, up to 36m
2. Portable, easy to move with 4 wheels
3. Low power with only 0.36kW
4. Waterproof, low noise with BLDC motor
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Energy Efficient 1.5kw 6700 PMSM Motor Industrial HVLS Big Ceiling Fan
1.Duel King HVLS Ceiling fan, used ultra-high efficient BLDC technology, is a high volume and low speed fan,size from 2.1m to 8m(26ft),speed from 10 -60 rpm.
2.It can produce large air volume promoting the air flow and circulation,it's the most direct and effctive solution to the large space ventilation and cooling.
3.HVLS fans are widely used in big space,such as factories,logistical and warehouse,exhibition hall,dinning room,farm and animal livestock and etc.
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16 Feet Hvls Dc Motor Newest Industrial Ceiling Fan 4.9m Gym Ceiling Ventilation Fan
1.High air Volume and low speed ; 
2.Used in a variety of large venues ; 
3.6 blades design produce more CFM at a lower RPM ; 
4.Efficient air circulation to reduce air humidity
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Remote Control 20ft 6.1Meters Big Industrial & Commercial HVLS Fan
1.HVLS ceiling fan is a large ceiling fan withi high volume at a low speed. 
2.It's unique streamlined blades push the airflow and the spread around when rotating slowly. 
3.Only using 1.5KW power, it can produce large area of freshness and gentle breeze. 
4.It is maily used in restaurant for decoration and industrial area for cooling and ventilation.
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Permanent magnet motor overview

  Duel King permanent magnet fan is with drive separation function. In the process of non-inductive drive, the ceiling fan will find the problem of finding the left and right. This is also the problem that the non-inductive drive can't solve at present.

Duel King team has verified the test machine several times and installed the drive separation mechanism to solve the problem. The buffer caused by the load makes it difficult to start.

In addition, it also has the function of separating the rotation inertia of the ceiling fan and the emergency stop deceleration in time to avoid the direct shutdown of the main power supply or the sudden power failure (equivalent to the sudden braking of the ceiling fan).

The inertia rotates against the impact of the motor and forms a self- generating condition, which damages the drive. The separation function is added to prevent this from happening, which makes the start and stop smoother.


Hot Products Parameter Table

Model DADF-79 DADF-73 DADF-67 DADF-61 DADF-55 DADF-49 DADF-45 DADF-36 DADF-30 DADF-25
Diameter(m/ft) 79( 26 ) 73( 24 ) 67( 22 ) 61( 20 ) 55( 18 ) 49( 16 ) 45( 15 ) 36( 12 ) 30( 10 ) 25( 8 )
Blades Quantity(pcs) 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6
Power(kw) 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.1 1.1 0.9 0.4 0.4 0.4
Rotating(rpm) 48 50 52 60 60 70 58 80 88 95
Weight(kg) 112 102 98 94 90 83 90 78 68 60
Air Volume(m3/min) 15800 14800 13800 13000 11200 10400 8800 3900 3600 3000
Voltage(V) 220-240/380-440      

PMSM Fan Installation Condition

Large Industrial Fan Installation Requirement:

The total height of the building is more than 3.5m and less than 10m. If the
building is taller, it can be equipped with longer extension tube.
The distance between blade with the beam is not less than 0.4m.
The distance from blade to the wall or obstacle is not less than 0. 5m.
Input:380V- 440V/200V- 240V.


Pmsm brushless ceiling fans are widely used in aerospace, electric vehicles, medical equipment, instrumentation, servo systems, CNC machine tools, military equipment, chemicals, textiles and modern household appliances.
Support Your Business with Better Industrial Fans Solution
We are one of biggest leading manufacturer producing industrial ceiling fans, moving fans, brushless fans in Jiangsu,China.

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