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Wholesale 6100MM Industrial Ceiling Fan Large Industrial Factory Ceiling Fan for Air Cooling

*Dehumidify and Anti-dust
Massive airflow takes moist and dust away ,exchange with fresh air

*Ecomomic and Environmental
2.2KW German Motor with various energy saving designes to replace high energy

*Large air volume and coverage area
15800 m³/min air volume ,Coverage up to 1800㎡
  • DAWF-61

Product Description

*Diameter from 6ft-28ft ,suitable for Industrial spaces,Commercial spaces or outdoor spaces.

*The large hvls fan will make a cooling effect in hot weather.and will 30% reduction of heating and costs.


•15800  m³/min air volume

•Coverage up to 1800㎡

•Easy to install and operate

•Germany Nord with 2.2kw

•Suitable for any roof ,such as steel structure ,round steel ,concrete structure

•Remote control is accpetable ,APP  Wifi control is also accpetable

•3 years warranty for motor and inverter ,10 years warranty for other accessories

Technical Parameters


Blades Quantity(pcs)66666
Rotationg (rpm)4850505664
Air Volume(m³/min)15800152001170084005800
Coverage area (㎡)1800160013001000650

Product Structure
Gearbox Motor Details
Adopt imported Germany Nord/LENZE/ABM motor

1.High precision of speed control
2.High strength ,long service life
3.Convenient to control speed
4.Compact structure ,small size
Controller Details
1.operation is simple, the control system only needs to rotate the speed control knob to meet the need of wind condition.

2.in case of accident automatically cut off the power supply;more reliable protection frequency converter and cooling fan, control box safety and longer service life.
Aluminium Blades Details
1.Streamline fan blade made by advanced molding technology is produced in one time with light weight and high strength.

2.The reasonable ratio of AI,Cu,Mg,Zn,alloy can improve the degree of fusion between the alloys and strengthen the compacting foundation ,so as to effectively improve the yield and tensile strength of fan blades.

3.Different blades shape ,creates different wind effect.
​Installation Condition
Which building structure will suitable for install DUEL KING industrial ceiling fans?
The height of the building is more than 4.5meter,less than 18 meter.H steel structure,concrete structure,ball column struc-ture,iron construction or any complex structures are available

Such as:industrial workships,warehouse,railway station,bus station,waiting room,gym,airport,exhibition,farm etc,using380V-420V/220V-240V are available.

Quality  Guarantee

3 Years  Warranty

All motors and converters will have 3 years warranty .If any quality problems ,we will provide new parts for free.

Life-Long Warranty

All fan parts and other parts will have life-long warranty.

One Hours Feedback

We will reply you within 1 hour and give you the best technical solution within 24 hours.
Product Inquiry
Support Your Business with Better Industrial Fans Solution
We are one of biggest leading manufacturer producing industrial ceiling fans, moving fans, brushless fans in Jiangsu,China.

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