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● Large logistics warehouse and distribution center

    Improve air quality, dehumidify and cool down, prevent storage from rusting and rotting, and improve the working environment.

● Super large workshop

    Such as machining, auto repair, aircraft assembly, shipbuilding and other workshops, it can improve ventilation efficiency.

● Public buildings

    Such as shopping malls, gymnasiums, railway stations, airports and other places with a large flow of people, it can promote air circulation, dispel odors, and create a comfortable public environment.

● Large farm

    Including dairy farms, feedlots, hatcheries, etc. Good ventilation can improve air quality, dehumidify, remove odors, and reduce livestock morbidity. Appropriate temperature can make livestock feel comfortable and stimulate rapid growth of livestock, thereby improving the production rate of livestock and increasing the production of poultry, eggs, milk and meat.

Densely crowded outdoors

    Such as urban construction sites, it can provide a cooler working environment for outdoor workers; such as outdoor dining places, it can bring consumers a more comfortable dining experience.

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We are one of biggest leading manufacturer producing industrial ceiling fans, moving fans, brushless fans in Jiangsu,China.

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